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Umberto Robina

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Umberto Robina is one of the characters in "The Rise Of Crime", who was introduced in Season 2 Ep.2.

He's an old friend of Tommy Vercetti.

In Season 2 Ep.2, he's asked by Tommy Vercetti to join him in a gang war with The Crips.

In Season 2 Ep.3, Umberto and The Cubans march into battle along with Tommy Vercetti and the Vercetti Gang, CJ, Ryder, Cesar and the Vance Brothers.

In the season finale, Umberto leads the Cubans along with CJ in a battle against The Haitians and later the Vice City Army. He saves CJ from Sergeant Martinez and his soldiers by killing them and, realising that they've lost, they leave for a safe place. CJ eventually dies in the end, leaving Umberto as the soul-survivor from "The Rise Of Crime" Season 2.

However, in Season 3, it was revealed that CJ survived of his wounds and Umberto and his gang were all killed by The Assassin during the aftermatch of the gang war in Vice City.


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