Lance "Ryder" Wilson

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Lance "Ryder" Wilson

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Ryder is one of the main characters in "The Rise Of Crime", who was first introduced in the series premiere.
He's a good friend of Big Smoke, CJ and Sweet and one of the leaders of the Grove Street gang.

Ryder was abducted in Ep.6 and was missing until Ep.9, when it was revealed that he was held in an old prison.
CJ sets out to rescue him, but fails and Ryder is said to be killed.

However, in the season premiere of Season 2, it was revealed that Ryder managed to escape the prison in time and survived. He reunites with CJ in the season premiere, after telling him he now rules over a gang called The Bloods, the enemy of their rivals The Crips.

Ryder was killed during the Battle at the Factory, where The Crips were based.
He killed alot of Crips with a missile launcher from Tommy's helicopter, but was killed when a missile from a RPG hit the helicopter, fired by one of The Crips.

Ryder and Cesar are, after CJ and Tommy Vercetti, the most skilled fighters in the series.


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