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Tommy Vercetti

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Tommy Vercetti is one of the main characters of "The Rise Of Crime", who was introduced in the season premiere of Season 2.

Tommy teams up with CJ to fight against The Crips, the most powerful and dangerous gang in Vice City.

Tommy has similar fighting skills as CJ, being able to take down a helicopter with a rocket launcher as seen in the first episode of Season 2.

When they recruited the Vance brothers and his old friend Umberto Robina and his Cubans, Tommy Vercetti &co marched into battle against The Crips, which took place at The Factory. Tommy proved himself a skilled warrior once again, when killing atleast 30 Crips with a minigun and even taking Vincenzo's life and the lives of his three bodyguards on his own.

Tommy battles The Haitians in the season finale, but is trapped inside the Vercetti Estate, with multiple Haitians moving in. Seeing no other way out, Tommy get's angry and kills all the Haitians with a minigun, but is killed afterwards by a killing shot from The Assassin.

He and CJ are said to be the strongest characters in the series.


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