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Hey guys!

"The Rise of Crime" Season 3 is coming soon, most likely in May 2016.
Meanwhile, I'd like to tell you about 2 other EXCELLENT machinima series, made in GTA San Andreas!

1. Strike Back: San Andreas

"Strike Back: San Andreas" is a machinima series created by my good friend Connor Kirkbride ( back in 2014. It has three seasons at this point, one prequel series and a fourth season is currently in production! The series tells the story about a civil war that breaks out in the United States when the president makes a deal with a very dangerous Middle-Eastern terrorist. The soldiers from The North (The Resistance as you might want to call it) take on the evil powers of The South, which is still under the command of the former President and the terrorist Hassad. This series contains alot of action and has a great storyline and the director is very good! If you like an action packed GTA series and you love The Rise Of Crime, definitely check out "Strike Back: San Andreas" by Connor Kirkbride! Oh and while you're at it, subscribe to him because he definitely deserves the support!!

2. Detectives

"Detectives" is also a machinima series created by Connor Kirkbride, which started back in 2015 and has currently one season finished and a second season in production. I just finished watching the complete first season in one night and I got to tell you guys, this series ROCKS!! Such an amazing storyline, amazing characters, twists, music, JUST EVERYTHING is great about this one! It's one of these masterpiece productions that you don't see alot and I'm saying it myself, TROC is nothing compared with this series! Definitely check this one out aswell, it has a scary mysterious vibe which I love!

Both of these series are a MUST WATCH if you love The Rise Of Crime! And remember, you still got a while before Season 3 kicks off, so get over to YouTube now and enjoy yourselfs, you won't regret it!! Very Happy


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