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Carl "CJ" Johnson

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Carl "CJ" Johnson is one of the main characters of "The Rise Of Crime".
He's introduced in the first episode of the series, when he arrives back in San Andreas after being away in Liberty City for five years. His mother has just been killed and now, CJ is back in San Andreas for her funeral, where his sister Kendl is killed in a drive-by by the Ballas, the same way his mother was killed.

In the beginning of the series, there's alot of bad blood between CJ and his older brother Sweet, mainly because he's upset that CJ left after their brother Brian died and didn't returned for five years.

After a while, they become closer again, but Sweet is killed off by a hitman, who's later killed by CJ.

CJ leads the gang of Grove Street, along with Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder.

In Ep.6, Ryder get's abducted and is missing until Ep.9, when CJ finds him in an old prison.
He tries to break Ryder out, but fails and Ryder is killed.

In the season finale, CJ and Grove Street fight out the gang war with the Ballas in Grove Street, but are outnumbered.
Eventually, they're saved by the army, who decide to help after Big Bear and Emmet went to Area 51 in the desert.

In the end of Season 1, CJ, Big Smoke, Cesar, Big Bear and Emmet are all granted freedom and leave in a plane to Vice City.

He returned in the season premiere of Season 2, when he teams up with Tommy Vercetti to fight against a gang called "The Crips", the most powerful gang in Vice City and the gang behind the murder of Big Smoke. He's also reunited with Ryder in this episode, who was revealed to be alive.

Along with his friends, they recruit the Vance brothers and Umberto Robina and they take the fight to The Crips. At the Factory, CJ showed alot of strenght, killing alot of Crips, when he and Tommy tried to sneak in from the other side to kill Vincenzo. When Ryder was killed, CJ's face turns into shock at the end of the episode.

In the season finale, CJ fights against Sergeant Martinez and nearly kills him, but he's shot multiple times in the back by some soldiers, who came to aid Martinez. CJ is heavily wounded in the end, but in Season 3, it was revealed that he was saved by Toni Cipriani and he recovered from his wounds.

CJ has similar fighting skills as Tommy Vercetti, it's said that he and Tommy are the strongest characters in the series.


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