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Cesar Vialpando

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Cesar is one of the main characters in "The Rise Of Crime" and was introduced in Ep.5.
He's a good friend of CJ and the Grove Street gang.

in Ep.5, CJ and Cesar went to San Fierro together to take out the San Fierro Rifa.

In Ep.8, he's injured during a battle with the Ballas,.

In Ep.13, he was revealed to be alive and returned to fight along side CJ and Grove Street against the other gangs in San Andreas.

They win the battle, with help of the San Andreas Military and leave to Vice City.

He returned in Season 2 and teams up with his old friend CJ and Tommy Vercetti.
Afterwards, Ryder joins the group and together, they plan to wipe out The Crips for good, after they killed Big Smoke.

In Season 2 Ep.3, Cesar fought along side the Vance brothers and Umberto Robina against The Crips in the Battle at the Factory, who they eventually managed to defeat.

In Season 2 Ep.5, Cesar was captured and killed by The Assassin, one of Sergeant Martinez's killing machines and an ally from The Haitians.

Cesar and Ryder are, after CJ and Tommy Vercetti, the most skilled fighters in the series.


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